Best Rowing Machines

staminaairrower2Many people often lack ideas that they can use when buying the Best Rowing Machines in the market. The following are the 4 best options you can buy:

1. Concept2 Model E Rowing Machine

Here is a review:

This rowing machine has sliding seat for a total body workouts. It also has Flywheel design that minimizes noise at the same time maximizing that smooth feel. It also has a 20-inch frame height that is positioned for comfortable seat height. It is easily separated easily into 2 parts for storage and transport. Its PM4 performance can monitor accurately the measures performance as well as heart rate, including chest belt transmitter.
It also need footprint of about 9 x 4 feet and a 500-pound capacity.

2. Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

The following are the common feature:

It has a14-Inch seat height, PM3 monitor and a nickel-plated chain that makes it the best in the market. You can easily separate it into easily into 2 pieces using a storage and a quick-release frame lock. It has adjustable footrests that can accommodate wide variety of shoe sizes. The product also has an ergonomic handle for that natural position that needs you footprint of about 10 x 4 feet and another 500-pound capacity.

3. WaterRower Rowing Machine Cherry & S4 Monitor

The features are:

This rowing machine is a handcrafted “water flywheel”, which replicates that rowing feel when using. It has a flywheel that sits in water tank enclosed to provide quiet, smooth, and self-regulated resistance. The 4-performance monitor also tracks stroke rate, workout intensity, and heart rate among many more. It has a solid cherry of wood construction that absorbs sound by vibrating when using. It always stores upright, measures about 90 x 24 x 18 inches, and weighs about 117 pounds.

4. LifeSpan Fitness Rowing Machine

The common features are:

It has a smooth & quiet eddy current drive that works with 17.5-pound flywheel with solid steel frame. The frames are assembled with dimensions measuring 85x 19.5 x 24 inches and this makes it the best in the market. It can folds up to 35 by 20 by 70 inches for easy storage. Its 3-LCD console also provides calories, time, strokes, distance, and strokes feedback per minute workout. It has a 300-pound user weight as maximum when using. It also has a recipient of the 2010 Gear Awards Seal for Excellence and this makes it one of the best in the markets.

In conclusion, these 4 Best Rowing Machines should assist you when buying from any market. This should also help you save money as well as time when shopping.