Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms

stamina1215rower3After being advised by my doctor that I need to do exercises on a daily basis due to my health conduit, I was really disturbed. I’m very busy in my daily routine and saving time which I will use in outdoor exercises can be a big problem. That is when the idea of Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms came to my mind. I went back to the doctor and informed him of my idea. He highly recommend it and I was left with the task of looking for a store from where I will buy it. I landed on amazon while searching online and without hesitation I ordered it. Thanks to amazon. They were able to deliver the machine within a week which made me start the exercises immediately. The machine is simple to assemble and use hence it took me few minutes to have my first row. The following are its

key features:

Hydraulic cylinder

The hydraulic cylinder is smooth which enables me achieve the necessary resistance when making use of the machine. This enables the rowing machine to enable the user access the necessary resistance that is required during rowing hence making different parts of the body to access exercises that they require.

Multifunction monitor

In order to see different elements while working-out, the monitor is designed in such a way that it displays distance, speed, row count, time, miles rowed and calorie burned. This feature make the machine very helpful because the users are able to regulate the amount of calories that they will like to burn in a daily basis hence avoiding cases where one can end up over straining the body in losing too much calories at a given day.

Adjustable tension controls

This enables me control the amount of tension which I will like to have when rowing. This feature makes the machine very comfortable when working out. The seat provided on the machine is padded which even add more comfort that users are able to experience. The availability of foot plate also adds great comfort.

The machine is available in amazon with 33% discount and free shipping services. They also offer a 5 year warranty. In case you will like to buy one, then don’t fail to order from amazon because they have the best deal so far. They also ensure you receive the machine as soon as you buy it which made me decide on them.